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Human Dynamics and Virtual Worlds

Leadership in Chaordic Organizations
by Beverly G. McCarter and Brian E. White

  • Examines what is meant by Complex Adaptive Systems, how the human mind works and its impact on group dynamics, how conflict in groups can be constructively used, what teams or collaborative groups look like in a decentralized environment, and how one can build trust in today’s environment
  • Examines real world application of techniques to effect organizational restructuring through small group dynamics
  • Includes elements of neuro-biology, systems engineering, complexity science, philosophy, as well as evolutionary and counseling psychology

Few have fully examined what is needed to develop and lead teams in environments where staffing shortages and limited funds are the norm. Traditional management theory no longer holds, as trust is not easily nurtured in environments shaped by scarcity. This book examines what is meant by Complex Adaptive Systems. It accepts that humans are illogical and emotional beings. It offers a trans-disciplinary approach to leadership with elements of neurobiology, systems engineering, complexity science, and philosophy, as well as evolutionary and social psychology. It is a reference for systems engineers and organizational managers, coaches, and psychologists.

Systems of Systems Engineering: Principles and Applications
Edited by Mo Jamshidi

Chapter 3 "
Emergence of SoS, sociocognitive aspects" by Beverly Gay McCarter and Brian E. White

Book Description
As technology presses forward, scientific projects are becoming increasingly complex. The international space station, for example, includes over 100 major components, carried aloft during 88 spaces flights which were organized by over 16 nations. The need for improved system integration between the elements of an overall larger technological system has sparked further development of systems of systems (SoS) as a solution for achieving interoperability and superior coordination between heterogeneous systems.
Systems of Systems Engineering: Principles and Applications provides engineers with a definitive reference on this newly emerging technology, which is being embraced by such engineering giants as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon. The book covers the complete range of fundamental SoS topics, including modeling, simulation, architecture, control, communication, optimization, and applications. Containing the contributions of pioneers at the forefront of SoS development, the book also offers insight into applications in national security, transportation, energy, and defense as well as healthcare, the service industry, and information technology.
System of systems (SoS) is still a relatively new concept, and in time numerous problems and open-ended issues must be addressed to realize its great potential. THis book offers a first look at this rapidly developing technology so that engineers are better equipped to face such challenges.


Mosaic Techniques & Traditions: Projects & Designs from Around the World
by Sonia King

featured artist
: Beverly Gay McCarter

With the breathtaking work of hundreds of artists on display throughout, this visually arresting volume showcases mosaics from all corners of the globe and teaches the skills needed to produce 15 beautiful pieces. The history of the art, tools and materials, and techniques come first: bases, adhesives, and grout; shaping and placing tesserae; practical and artistic design considerations; and several methods of creating the actual mosaic. Put that information to use on an array of magnificent international projects—from a Blue Willow Tray to a Rock Garden Fountain—all beautifully illustrated and with the level of difficulty noted. 

Social Welfare: A World View 
(The Nelson-Hall Series in Social Work)  by Kathering van Wormer 

Book Cover
art design by Beverly Gay McCarter


Southern Living Magazine,

February 2002

"A Mosaic for Jackson" -
featured article on Beverly Gay McCarter

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