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1.   What is Second Life? secondlife.com/whatis/

2.   "How To" information:
Second Life Home Page
Second Life HELP page
Second Life Help page → Related Links → Quick Start Guide
Second Life Help page → Getting Started Category → Getting Started

3.    Signing Up and Accessing Second Life :

Click on the HMS Center SLurl below to sign up for a Second Life account, choose an avatar, and teleport directly to the Human Mosaic Systems SIM, the HMS Center, Orientation Platform. 

If you already have an account, the SLurl below will take you directly to the HMS Center.

 HMS Center in Second Life SLurl:   tinyurl.com/yzjckoq
HMS Center Region 199/ 168/ 136
Click on the large orange button at the top right hand side of the webpage to sign up. Once you have registered and created an avatar, the site will then take you to the HMS Center in Second Life.

Human Mosaic Systems facilities in Second Life: the HMS Center


The HMS Center's Orientation Platform located in the sky above the main center that is located on the HMS Center Island.

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FVWC2012 Winner_Maya Astronomy Center
Unity 3D_ Maya Astronomy Center Learning Module
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