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Human Mosaic Systems, LLC
Human Dynamics and Virtual Worlds

In an age of increasing organizational complexity, individual and small group dynamics are becoming even more important. Human psychological and social behaviors need closer examination as organizations move towards a greater reliance on decentralization and self-organization to achieve their goals.

Decentralization and self organizing systems are necessary in order to make an organization more agile and flexible in this increasingly competitive, dynamic, interactive, and changing world. In such a complex environment individual dynamics can have a dramatic impact on the overall function of the organization.
Leadership in today's environment requires an understanding of the interactive complex variables affecting today's organizations, in addition to how human dynamics within this ever changing system can make or break an organization.
Human Mosaic Systems (HMS) teaches and enables an understanding of complex human systems through the design of immersive 3D virtual environments with an eye towards the psychology of the avatar, group dynamics, and the virtual space. In addition, we are a Solution Provider in Second Life.
We help clients navigate Living Human Systems and their complex dynamics through design and facilitation. We focus on the 4 core aspects of Complex Human Systems:
  • Group Dynamics,
  • Building Relationships,
  • Identity, and
  • Storytelling.
HMS creates powerful immersive environments and teaches individuals interpersonal skills that enable self organization/ collaboration, and a deeper understanding about their own perspectives or views of reality, as well as those others.
We build environments that understand the underlying complex human dynamics and help facilitate the building of relationships, facilitate bonding, and greater understanding. All of which helps individuals collaborate as they make decisions in complex ever changing environments.
HMS provides rich storytelling environments to enable individuals to build community, share perspectives and obtain greater understanding about ourselves and our views of reality. This greater awareness leads to a change in the way we think, impacting our interactions with others and our ability to be flexible in an ever changing world.

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